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Manobi Africa

We offer integrated digital technologies and business services to agriculture and water sector stakeholders

Value Chain Expertise

We nurture grassroot expertise to design transformative business models that help create efficient, inclusive value for all. We structure value chains that positively change livelihoods.

Digital Technologies

We combine advanced capabilities in AI and lean data management with IoT, Earth Observation and mobile technologies to deliver curated, qualified hyperlocal information to a wide spectrum of users from development finance to smallholder farmers.

proximal presence

We pioneer the post-digital future by exploiting technology as a lever, rather than a substitute to precious human relationships. Phygitalization is our credo to job creation, societal transformation and sustainability.

Our Businesses



agCelerant connects smallholders with input providers, banks and insurers to improve productivity, secure transactions and reduce agricultural risk.

Water and Sanitation

UtilitY85 provides water utilities with management solutions to reduce their water losses and improve the delivery of safe water.

Data Intelligence

Jotbi aggregates and analyses data to identify agri-businesses risks and opportunities at every stage of the value chain.

Youth Employment

Zeyidji trains and supports youth to become digital entrepreneurs and provides livelihood opportunities as agCelerant and UtilitY85 franchise.